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We develop inventories of greenhouse gas emissions according to internationally recognized methodologies for companies, cities, states, and events.

The elaboration of an emissions inventory is the first step to knowing your impacts on climate change. The best solution to measure the impact of your organization’s activities on climate change that affects the planet.

With it, your organization will know the amount of greenhouse gases it emits into the atmosphere, will understand the main sources of these emissions, and will be able to adopt appropriate management measures to reduce its impact.


We are one of the pioneers in the carbon market in Brazil. We are among the consultants that have most approved projects in international mechanisms and that have most sold carbon credits in the country. We have already certified and sold more than 15 million tons of CO2 equivalent in the market.

We work from the identification of opportunities and reduction projects to the commercialization of carbon credits, assisting during the entire technical process of development and certification.

We use both international standards, such as Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and Gold Standard, and regional/national market standards, such as Renovabio and the Colombian voluntary market.

We also act as intermediaries of carbon assets, identifying the projects that best fit the client’s profile and developing the entire negotiation strategy.


With experience in developing carbon reduction plans in large Brazilian companies and cities, we identify the best alternatives for mitigation and compensation of emissions, in line with international best practices.

We are also able to project the emissions trajectory of organizations and cities in the baseline scenario and the results that can be achieved with the implementation of a net zero strategy over time.


The Zero Emission Program was created to make people and organizations aware of their responsibilities in combating climate change, through projects of neutralization of greenhouse gas emissions. Any company, event, or non-profit organization can join the Zero Emission Program. To do so, just follow the steps below:


The Zero Emission Program Step by Step:

    1. The client wishes to neutralize carbon emissions on which activities;
    2. Ecofinance Negócios develops the Emissions Inventory;
    3. Ecofinance Negócios develops the carbon emissions neutralization project together with the client;
    4. The neutralization of emissions is effective;
    5. The client develops marketing actions with the disclosure of carbon neutralization through the use of the “Zero Emission” carbon seal.


We assist companies, non-governmental organizations and cities to report their carbon emissions to international indexes and initiatives, such as Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE), Down Jones Sustainability Index, Carbon Registry, PR Climate Seal, among other initiatives.


Together with our clients, we think about and outline the scenarios of risks and opportunities brought by climate change to businesses and cities. Based on these scenarios, low-carbon strategies, plans and goals are developed for our clients in the public and private sectors. We also work on the carbon pricing of an organization or economic sector.


Through integrated solutions, we seek the structuring, guidance and inclusion of concepts that take into consideration the environmental, social and governance pillars of sustainable management according to its size and level of maturity in the matter. From Sustainability Reports based on the most internationally recognized models, such as the Global Reporting Initiative, we adapt your company to the standards of the Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE Bovespa) and the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). We also develop socio-environmental analyses of projects and in the identification and management of stakeholders, to make your business adapt to this new management paradigm.


We count on a broad international relationship network, where we are qualified to provide your company’s entry into the international carbon market. Through sales strategies appropriate to the profile of each client, we work with rigorously selected and internationally recognized buyers. We commit to always seeking the best market prices within the risk conditions accepted by our clients.
Besides being specialists in the trading of carbon credits, we also work with the search for certification and commercialization of other environmental assets, such as Renewable Energy Certificates (I-RECs) and Decarbonization Credits (C-BIO).


Facing the demands of training professionals in ESG and Net Zero Strategies, we offer customized courses and training in:

  • Management of greenhouse gas emissions and conducting emission inventories.
  • Decarbonization strategies and search for the Net Zero trajectory.
  • Development of carbon credit projects.
  • Environmental Assets.
  • Management concepts and indicators linked to ESG

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